Sarah Stripey Scarf


This cheerful scarf is a great stash buster and a quick, easy project for beginner crocheters. It is also very portable so great for taking out and about, I made mine in various cafes and visits to friends and family.  Worked in soft Rico Baby Classic DK, I used the leftover yarn from my Spice of Life CAL blanket, in the original Cherry Heart colours from Black Sheep Wools available here but you could use any DK in your preferred colours.

I used random colour order throughout, but red every fourth colour change through most of the pattern as my main colour.  If you are a complete beginner you could work the pattern all in one colour using a 100g ball of yarn and you won’t even have to change colour, or spend time weaving in lots of ends.

I’ve named this scarf after my good friend Sarah, because she’s always smiley and cheerful no matter what.

Materials: 75g any DK yarn, in mixed colours, 25g red DK yarn (or your preferred main colour). You will work 83 stripes in total, 64 mixed colours and 19 red).

Size 4mm crochet hook for the pattern plus 3.5mm crochet hook to weave in the ends, or a darning needle if you’d rather sew yours in.

Abbreviations used: ch (chain), tr (treble crochet)

Please note, this pattern is in UK terms, if you are in the USA please substitute “treble crochet” for the US “double crochet”.

To begin:  In red yarn ch 19

Round 1: In 3rd ch from hook, work 2 tr (counts as 3 tr) then *skip 2 ch, work 3tr in next ch*. Repeat 4 times, working last 3tr into the last ch space (you should have a total of six clusters of 3tr). Turn.

Round 2: ch 2 (counts as first tr) then *in ch space work 3 tr* and repeat ** in each chain space, 4 times. (You should have a total of five clusters of 3 tr.)  Work 1tr into the top of the last tr on the row below. Just before you complete this final tr, keep your last two loops on your hook and take your next colour yarn through those two loops to join it, giving you a neat transition to the next colour. Leave a 5cm tail and cut your red yarn.

Round 3: Repeat round 1


Round 4: Repeat round 2

Rounds 5 to 166 keep repeating rounds 1 and 2 alternately.

To complete: Weave in ends. Wear and enjoy the brightness and cheer.

Here is the order in which I worked my colours:

red, light green, purple, turquoise, clay, vanilla, grass red, smokey rose, jeans, melon, cream, petrol, red, ice blue, clay, vanilla, red, melon, grass, purple, red, turquoise, light green, cream, red, jeans, vanilla, ice blue, red, grass, clay, melon, red, purple, jeans, light green, red, turquoise, vanilla, grass, red, melon, cream, clay, red, jeans, ice blue, purple, red, turquoise, grass, melon, red, light green, vanilla, cream, red, purple, clay, jeans, red, grass, ice blue, purple, red, melon, vanilla, turquoise, red, clay, jeans, melon, vanilla, purple, petrol, grass, red