Brightening up November

Hi crochet friends! I’ve been a busy bee lately, setting up my new career as a crochet and craft teacher. It’s been lovely so far and I’m enjoying working with some lovely people. Encouraging others to get creative is extremely rewarding and well worth all the hard work preparing for sessions and doing publicity. 

I wanted to make something bright and quick for myself so I found a little time (whilst watching my DC superheroes!) to crochet this bright cowl. Using my stash of Stylecraft Cotton Classique and good old trebles I whittled this rainbow of comfy warmth. Bright colours with a neutral shade work well with any outfit and I’ve been wearing it a lot , indoors and out.

Meanwhile, I’m prepping for a new course making baby block toys and have been preparing lots of colourful little balls of Stylecraft Special dk for my learners. I think they look rather cute and hope my learners will enjoy putting different colour combinations together for their block toys.

As I write this I’m off for a day out in Harrogate at the Knitting & Stitching Show (yes I am that excited). Looking forward to some inspiration and yarny fun.


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