Books and Wool

There are few things I love more than books and wool! So when I heard my local library service is in trouble, with 9 out of 11 of our libraries under threat of closure, I had to sign the petition to keep them going. As a family we use them regularly and I believe their closure would be a terrible loss to our community. If you have time, please sign the petition and help us more info here

Last Sunday we had another great family day out at Calderstones Park in Liverpool. We had a lovely lunch in the Reader cafe, where you can of course enjoy a good book and eat yummy food. The Reader is a social enterprise which promotes shared reading. It’s going from strength to strength and has ambitious plans. We played on the playground, explored the gardens (all for free by the way) then headed to the story barn where we met these guys and enjoyed a story or ten. My kids had the best time exploring this amazing interactive story space, climbing inside the giant robot, flying in a hot air balloon and playing with the friendly storytelling staff. It’s a wonderful place and I couldn’t resist photographing my woolly finds. The cafe has a knit/ crochet and natter group (I must visit some time!) who kindly make and donate some wonderful toys and cushions for the children to play with.These books caught my eye for some reason 😉 Our visit concluded with a trip to the ice cream parlour, I sampled the delicious daily special, peaches and cream. On our way back to the car I spotted a fascinating embroidery exhibition, from an amazing lady called Ruby Porter, a member of the Embroiderers Guild who regularly visits Sreeper Village in Bangladesh to support a charity helping children at an orphanage and ladies at a women’s refuge in the village. The exhibition of work made by the ladies is part of a touring exhibition called Threading Dreams and you can read her fascinating story here

So wool (and embroidery thread too!) and books really are awesome     aren’t they? I’ll end with a quick snap of my hitchhiker scarf, my sister kindly taught me to knit continental style and it’s been my summer relaxation project and I’ve enjoyed it, even if I am way slower a knitter than a crocheter. I love the colours in the West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn. Happy Crocheting my friends!