Whoah Yarndale was awesome!

Great selfie opp in aid of Alzheimers Society

My three fellow crafters and me visited Yarndale for the first time on Sunday. It’s taken my eyes, legs and brain a few days to recover from the sheer force of all that bright, friendly, woolly and extremely beautiful crafty loveliness!!! So much to take in and loads of inspiration, so here are just a few of my crochet highlights.

1. Great balls of yarn:Check out these gigantic hooks and whopping yarn. The lovely ladies from I Make Knots let us loose on some supersized, and super squishy, gorgeous yarn. We each made a very quick necklace, the big hooks required a bit of extra effort to control but I was pleased with the result plus it was quite chilly in the morning and it warmed me up.

2. Animals:  There were a few animals who had come to visit Yarndale including these sweet alpacas and sheep.

3. Pom Poms: Since I hurt my hand doing too much crochet earlier in the year I’ve been rationing my crochet time carefully. Of course that’s meant looking for alternative yarn fun so I’ve been learning continental knitting (which happily doesn’t hurt) and making loads of pom poms with my kids and anyone who comes to visit. I’ve got a vague idea I will use them to fashion a garland for my bannister once I’ve got a motherload and found some nice examples on TrompeLolly’s very pretty stall.

4. Beauty: there was almost more beauty than I could handle in one day! Here are some distilled  crochet extracts. 

5. Tiny beauty: have you heard of Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet? A monthly subscription to a fantastic treat box containing new kits by great crochet designers. Check out all these gorgeous goodies.On their Yarndale stall was this very cute display from this month’s designer Kate Bruning from Greedy for Colour. Aren’t they amazing?  I totally want her pattern books, her designs are soooo cute!This is my kind of camping trip, so pretty and ice cream too!After a thoroughly good day of mooching there was just time for tea, cake and some last minute purchases before heading home. I would definitely like to visit again one day, we found Yarndale enjoyable and very well organised.



I’ve had a break from my blog for a few weeks for a number of reasons, not least a hectic summer off with my kids! I’m back on it now though and after a thoroughly inspiring trip to Yarndale (about which more in my next blog post) at the weekend I can’t wait to get going on all things crochet and crafty once again. Last night I made this cheery little mandala.I made it from my stash of Stylecraft cotton DK Classique. Nice quick mini project and stash buster, if you’d like to make one here’s how:

1. Using a 4mm crochet hook, in Dove, chain 5 and join with a slip stitch. Fasten off.

2. Join yarn in Azure. Chain 2 (counts as first treble crochet on every round) or dc if you’re in the USA) then work 9 trebles into the middle of the chain circle. Fasten off.

3. Join yarn in Tropical Jade. Chain 2 then work 2 trebles in every space between the trebles on the row below. Fasten off.

4. Repeat 3 using Sunflower. Fasten off.

5.  Join Hot Pink and chain 2 then work a treble in the same space. Work one treble in the next space, then two trebles in the next, then one treble in the next. Keep alternating two trebles then one treble in each space to the end of the round. Fasten off.

6. Join Mauve, chain 2 and work one treble into each space to end. Fasten off.

7. Weave in or sew in ends and block if you like or just enjoy admiring it and thinking about My Little Ponies and Rainbowbrite for a bit.