Keep on craftin’

Hi crochet friends! I’ve been a bit of a sad captain lately as I’ve hurt my hand and not been able to crochet, so had nothing much to blog about. After a trip to the doctors I was advised to rest it for 6-8 weeks, so crocheting is unfortunately out for the time being. I think a combination of using a mouse a lot for work and using the same muscles and tendons to crochet every day has caused the problem. After resting it for a few weeks I’m pleased to say it seems to be on the mend now. I’m really missing crochet as its my main form of relaxation every day but I’ve been using the time to follow lots of interesting blogs and look at other crocheters work. On the brighter side, my lovely sister gave me this fab bracelet she made today.

She crocheted it into a metal chain, in bright cotton yarn, adding a fastener. I love the choice of colours and it’s both comfy to wear and stylish. 

These DP needles belonged to my paternal grandma, a wonderful lady and fantastic grandma who knitted various things including a toy lion I regretfully no longer have. It’s nice to be using her needles though.I’ve had this ball of Zig Zag in my stash for ages and finally decided to give continental knitting a go, as my hand is a little better. 

I’m hoping knitting won’t make it worse as I’m using my other hand more. I’m pacing myself but have cast on my first ever sock, with help from my sister whose an ace knitter. I’m following Winwick Mum’s detailed guidelines and hoping for the best! So I’ll keep on crafting and hopefully get back to my beloved crochet soon. Thanks for reading, happy crafting!



  1. jodiebodie · May 31, 2016

    Be wary of permanent nerve damage from overuse injuries. It can take less than an hour to aggravate nerves and then days for them to settle down again, once the nerves have been sensitised to pain from overuse injury. I wonder how it felt as you typed your blog (assumption here – you could have been dictating it or have someone else type). Wishing you healing sentiments for a full recovery. Life without crochet! Can’t bear the thought. Take care.


    • Captain Crochet · May 31, 2016

      Thanks for your comments and concern jodiebodie, you’re not wrong! That’s why I’ve been resting it for so long, and am cautiously trying a little bit of knitting with lots of breaks. Typing this on my phone with the other hand, I’m serious about the resting 🙂 What are you making at the moment?


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