Crochet Spotter

Once you tune into something it really does pop up everywhere doesn’t it? From crochet accents on high street fashion this year to handmade blankets in baby buggies in the park I seem to have been noticing lots of crocheted loveliness just lately. I’ve recently had a birthday and was fortunate to receive this book of inspiration from a good friend, which I’ll be trying out soon as I’d like to try combining crochet with knitting.  I love the concept of a one ball project both for cost and ease, the fewer ends to weave in the better.

 My kind family thoughtfully gave me one of these, which will be very handy for blogging with.

 I’m looking forward to putting it to good use. My other favourite gift has to be these lovelies, researched by my thoughtful son who wanted to get me the best ones he could. I was very happy both for his kindness and because I’d wanted a set for ages, oh and did I mention the colours?

 Lucky me. Can’t wait to get going on the yarn stash with those beauts.

  As a birthday treat we visited the wonderful Calderstones Park in Liverpool and particularly enjoyed their brand new story barn for children. Such a bright, sunny spring day.We all enjoyed exploring the storybarn and spotted some lovely crocheted things as weeks among the hand crafted dressing up, toys and general story inspired fun. We loved the giant robot and hot air balloon, what a magical place to share a story with young readers. If you’d like to know more about Calderstones or fabulous charity the Reader they have a very informative website. They also have a great cafe, ice cream parlour and loads of events encouraging shared reading. My children also loved the travelling exhibition of Oliver Jeffers’ picture books.

 Crochet crowns for dress up, how could I resist!


A story sharing, role playing haven


One comment

  1. jodiebodie · May 31, 2016

    That story sharing room is a great idea! My children would have loved something like that. I’m all for nurturing imagination and creativity.


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