T-shirt Prettification


Like lots of people I’ve been enjoying the Easter weekend spending time with family, going for walks in between rain showers, scoffing chocolate and planning egg hunts for my kids.


Yesterday I found myself unexpectedly free for  an afternoon as my eldest was out at the cinema and my youngest had an impromptu nap.  I’ve been thinking about attempting a re-fashion project for a while so, inspired by some very pretty pillowcases I’ve seen online with crochet edging, I decided to give it a go.
 This cheap green T-shirt shrank in the wash and wasn’t really long enough. As you can see, the hem was also starting to unravel. I love bright, contrasting colours so I chose to add a crocheted edge in Stylecraft Classique Cotton in Mauve, Azure and Tropical Jade, complementing the bright green fabric.
I began by sewing a round of blanket stitch which I could then crochet into and which sorted out that unraveling hem.

 Next I crocheted a round of double crochet in Mauve (US single crochet) followed by trebles in Tropical Jade then half trebles in Azure.

I was rather pleased with how my experiment was going and decided to add some frillyness with a final round of shells (*dc skip 1 htr 5tr cluster in next htr skip 1 htr* repeat ** to end).
 Hey presto! One new, longer, repaired, colourfully embellished T-shirt, completed in an afternoon for very little cost. Just in time to wear on Easter Sunday. Next job, to make fairy cakes for the annual egg hunt. Happy Easter!


One comment

  1. Adriana · March 28, 2016

    I love doing this for my shirts that are shorter than I like. So pretty.


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