Rainy Day, City Craft Fun


A rainy grey lunch hour in Manchester City centre can mean only one thing. A quick trip to the Northern Quarter for craft based cheer.

Firstly I needed a yarn fix, so headed up Tib Street, leaping across a few puddles, to craft giant Abakhan.
Check out this huge wall of woolly joyfulness:

Browsing the books I found one about arm knitting, which is now on my list of things to try, along with finger crochet and leg weaving (okay I made that last one up).

Now I’m not sure what these poor little fellas had done to deserve this fate…

 … but they were beautifully made. Meanwhile, this prettiness caught my eye:

I do like a variegated yarn, but what colour to choose?  I went for this one:


Not another YONKU  but purchased for the purpose of designing a mandala, a sort of psychedelic doily for the modern era.

After achieving woolly purchase buzz, I headed round the corner to lovely Manchester Arts and Crafts Centre for a mooch.

Where I found some gorgeous hand crafted delights. Amazing paper sculptures by Kate Kelly:

You can see more of her work here . Lots of fabulous jewellery and some nice knitted and crocheted items made me wish I had some spends.

Fully re-fuelled on crafty happiness I traipsed back through the wind and rain to my office.


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