Springtime Stash



When my mum gave me this great antique basket for my birthday I knew it would make an ideal home for my stash. Well a portion of it at least! I keep my prettiest y.o.n.k.u.s (yarn of no known use) in it. You know, those balls of yarn you can’t resist buying, often in a sale section but don’t have a particular project in mind for. No? Just me then.


My latest is this gorgeous ball of Noro, given to me by my sister.  But what shall I make from it? Suggestions gratefully received in the comments section below.

Things are getting springy in my garden, the daffodils are out and my son’s very-yellow-indeed blanket is starting to progress.  I got the pattern from blanket maestro Lucy Attic 24 (it’s the “Cosy Blanket” if you want to look it up, the colours in her pattern are a feast for the eyes!) and am working a smaller version as it’s going to be a snuggle on the sofa blanket for a child.  Very enjoyable project so far.

This week I’ve completed my stripy scarf, made from leftovers from a  CAL (crochet along for the uninitiated) blanket and have a lot of ends to weave in but I like how it’s turned out.  I’m planning to post a pattern so watch this space if you’d like to make one. It’s a good beginners project, very simple and quick to make.



Aye Aye Captain!

Welcome to my brand new blog about crochet! I’m excited to get going and have lots of ideas to share with you. My grandma was a prolific crocheter and I remember  watching her with interest as a child, as she created everything from jumpers to poodles to vivid pink matching dresses for me and my sister (it was the 1970s).  When I was nine, she was visiting one Christmas and taught me to crochet, a skill I have loved using over the years.


Me enjoying a nice cup of tea in the cafe at Black Sheep’s excellent craft barn. Followed by a slice of delicious lemon and ginger cake, yum!


I’ve made many small projects (I’m a bit impatient so the bigger projects tend to lurk in my UFO pile) including scarves and baby blankets.  I’m currently enjoying making some blankets and just completed my first crochet along, the very enjoyable and popular Black Sheep Wools/ Cherry Heart “Spice of Life”.  I worked mine in Cherry Heart’s beautiful original colours in Baby Rico with my pack from Black Sheep Wools and am now working on a very enjoyable spin off project using the remaining yarn. This yarn is super soft and will make a lovely warm stripy scarf.

I visited Black Sheep’s fantastic wool barn this week and worked on my scarf in the cafe, where I met a kind photographer visiting her family from Germany who took these photos (photos copyright A. Wegner-Demmer.) what an inspiring and happy place to spend some time. I bought some lovely new yarn in five shades of yellow for a new blanket for my biggest little one, who REALLY likes yellow! A truly sunny happy project, can’t wait to see how it turns out.


I’ve named my blog Captain Crochet because I love history, museums and all things vintage and crochet was the traditional craft of the boat women who first steered working narrow boats along the inland waterways 200 years ago. They would crochet as they went along, easier than knitting to pick up and put down without dropping a stitch as they stopped to open lock gates or load cargo.  They made the most beautiful fine lacy cabin crochet and warm woolly blankets too.  When I googled Captain Crochet it amused me to find that Capitaine Crochet is French for Captain Hook and my third reason is that I like superheroes, so maybe I’ve just invented a new one.  But what super powers does our Captain Crochet possess? I have yet to find out…